No Poo- Week 1 

This past week I started the ‘no-poo’ method. Meaning, I don’t wash my hair with shampoo you buy at the store. Because there is so many chemicals in those shampoos and conditioners it’s really just not good for your hair! If you would like to look into it more I have a whole board on pintrest with different articles that will help you understand it more. 

I’m using baking soda and water as my ‘wash’. Apple cider vinegar and water as my ‘rinse’. There are a lot of different washes and rinses but so far these are working best for me. 🙂 

Week 1

Day 1- Clarified my hair using suave clarifying shampoo and a conditioner without silicone in it. I only put argon oil on the ends. 3/10/15

Day 2-  wasn’t greasy at all, because I just had washed it. I curled it that day. 3/11/15

Day 3- a little greasy, which is normal, I can hide it well. 3/12/15

Day 4- ‘washed’ & ‘conditioned’ it at night. 

Wash= 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 1/2 cups of water. 

Rinse= 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of water, and 4 drops of lavender essential oils (helps hair growth). 3/13/15

Day 5- not greasy! It looks like I just washed it. I curled it and pulled half up. 3/14/15

Day 6- added a little dry shampoo mostly for texture. Straightened it and teased the crown then pulled half up. 3/15/15

Day 7- hair is greasy because It usually is on after Sunday church. Did the ‘wash & rinse’  3/16/15

I’m going to be posting a week by week no poo update, for 4 weeks. I’m really excited about this no poo method!! 

Hope everyone has a great week! If you have any questions please leave a comment below! 🙂 


My Love For Orange-Day 2

I found a pair of boyfriend jeans in my closet! I’m so happy they finally fit right! Definitely going to wear them a bunch this spring. Boyfriend jeans have always been something I love but they are very hard to find a pair that you feel fits best. 

So this outfit for my 1 piece 5 different ways post is totally comfy, not just because these boyfriend jeans are super comfy themselves but because of this camel jacket. This one is old but I’ll link some similar ones below, along with every peice from this outfit! 🙂 

Orange shirt

Old jacket but you can buy really cute ones here , here , and here.

Old booties but get very similar and cute pairs here and here.

Some boyfriend jeans I am looking to buy are here and here

My Love For Orange-Day 1 

My favorite way to wear my hair lately. A half up mess!^^

A little sass never hurt no one ^

This week I’m going to be posting an outfit each day! But each outfit will have one piece in common, this orange shirt! I am really loving all the shades of orange this spring. The one thing I find hard about wearing orange is knowing what color jewelry to wear. I love mixing colors for my jewelry but I don’t think gold looks that good so I just end up wearing one shade. 

I wanted to post these 5 outfits this week so it inspires people to use one piece of clothing different ways. But today’s outfit is perfect for Monday’s! It’s comfy but it looks put together, and even kinda sporty because of the black leggings with leather panels. 

And you can never go wrong with a pair of leapord print slip-on sneakers! So cute and comfy, you can even throw them on with a skirt or dress and look put together. 

I don’t know what it is about Monday’s but I always feel overwhelmed with stuff I have that coming week. So I never usually get anything done that I have planned for that day. I’m always so confused about what I was going to do so it ends up getting pushed to Tuesday’s and then I feel like my Mondat was a bust. 

I hope everyone else had a good Monday! Tomorrow I will have another outfit up using this shirt. 🙂 

Buy the clothes I’m wearing below

Orange shirt


Pants are old but similar here

A Day in DC 

I love all the old houses in downtown DC!! so pretty! ^^

Today I spent the day with my family! We had so much fun!! We went to the Smithsonian castle and just drove around downtown DC, which I love doing, because it’s so gorgeous! The details in the little houses and shops are so amazing. I saw this one house tucked away, in between two other houses, it was white and had a bright yellow ish orange door. I so wish I had gotten a picture of it!! 

We also went to a Neapolitan pizzeria, 2 Amys, it was super good! Had such a natural taste unlike other pizza from like dominos or Pizza Hut. Don’t get me wrong I really love those pizzas, like A LOT! But that natural taste is really good sometimes. 

Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory, because umm one word ‘cheesecake’! So good! I love the cheesecake there! So now that I’m done talking about cheesecake I’m gonna go have a donut, because again, donuts!! 

I have some fun post coming this coming week so look forward to that! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

My Favorite Bloggers 

I wanted to share some of my favorite bloggers today! I love all of these girls they have incredible style, which inspires me so much! Most of them have kids which I always lean to mom bloggers because they are way more modest and of course that’s good. Their kids dress sooo cute also!! 

I’ve talked to a lot of these ladies on Instagram and Twitter. They’re so sweet and really care about the people that read their blogs! So definitely go check them out I’ll link all of there blogs and instagrams below!

Barefoot Blonde aka Amber Fillerup Clark

Ambers style is very chic and put together! She’s so sweet and I love getting to check out all her fun pictures from her awesome trips with her little baby boy Atticus, because the photos are gorgeous(so is she!!). They make you want to travel and just enjoy every bit by snapping tons of pics! Definitely go check out her blog Barefoot Blonde ! Also her instagram is @amberfillerup. She’s just the sweetest person <3! 

Cara Loren

Let’s just talk about how adorable this outfit above is! Cara’s blog is full of wearable outfits and cute pictures of her little boys, Hanes & Arrow. And might I just add have just as an amazing style as her!! Go check her blog out Cara Loren to get some fashion inspiration! And her insta @caraloren 

Bethany Menzal 

Bethany’s blog is so fun and inviting she has some fashion, lifestyle, hair styling, just tons of fun things on her blog!! Follow her on Instagram @bethanymenzel for some awesome pictures of her awesome hair and adorable daughter, poppy! Her blog Bethany Menzel is a must read! 

Xo, Mrs.Measom 

Mrs. Measom is so nice! Love seeing fun instagram pictures on my feed from her (@xomrsmeasom). Go read her blog Xo Mrs.Measom for fashion inspiration and lifestyle stuff!! 

Hello Fashion 

What could you not love about this outfit?! Christian’s whole blog is so fun and her style is just epic! Her little boy, Beckham, in her photos with her adorable outfits is just to cute!! Follow her on Instagram for cool photos @hellofashionblog. Her blog is Hello Fashion 

Happily Grey 

Mary’s style is very inspiring! It helps me step out of my own fashion comfort zone and try new things! You have to go check out her Instagram, @happilygrey , you can just scroll through her feed and feel like your in a museum, it is absoulty gorgeous!!! Her blog  Happily Grey is super cool. 

Favorite Gray Cardigan

Gray loose cardigans are my favorite thing! I feel like they really make an outfit look put together! A lot of these peices are from Target Mossimo clothing line because it is one of my favorite lines there. They have super Unique peices, for target anyway. It could be a casual shirt or a really neat cut dress! This white t shirt is my absolute fav!! So comfy and loose, also only $12! Definitely go out and get you one of these! 

 I hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂 

Shirt // Cardigan on sale // Skinny jeans // old  ( similar Here ) 

Trend talk

To me you can follow trends of you want to or not. Trends are inspiration for me, to try new things! Here’s some trends I’ve been loving! 

Ripped jeans 

I love ripped jeans but they can be expensive. I’m going to rip up some of my own because this is definitely one of my favorite trends right now! 

Detailed booties 

Detailed booties can make a statment in a simple outfit, which is awesome! I love them so much, I’m on the hunt for some good priced detailed black booties, with gold and buckles! 

Leather pants 

Love, love, and love these so much! I’ve talked about them before but they are just so chic and look like you spent so much time on the outfit! You can wear them casually or dress them up. 

Short hair 

I recently cut my hair a little lower then my collar bone and I really love it!! My hair looks so much thicker and healthier. I just love this trend to! 

Half-up bun 

I’m not really sure how I feel about this hair style just yet, I just know a bunch of other bloggers are really rocking it and that I wanna try it out! Let’s hope it looks ok haha! 


The classic stripes are totally in and I’m loving it! I’m on the look out for the perfect striped dress and shirt. But the way these girls are wearing stripes in these photos is very cute!!

So if your thinking about trying a trend go for it! And if no one you know wears that, who cares wear what you like and feel confident in that! Hope everyone has an awesome week! Happy monday!! 🙂