Memories In Floral 

Don’t you love when an outfit brings back memories? Or even makes memories? I think it’s so awesome when you put on an outfit and it brings back all the memories from when you wore it last. Last time I wore this dress I wore it to a ballet at the Kennedy Center in DC […]

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Spring Ballerina 

Don’t you just love when you end up loving your outfit more then you expected?! I got this skirt at Target (surprise, surpise) a while ago and I’ve known how to style it, but the weather wasn’t feelin’ it. I felt like a ballerina in this outfit! Which I love!! But I am planning on […]

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10 Things To Start Doing

I love trying new things, like getting into new routines or adding stuff into my routines. I love having a routine in the mornings, that way I wake up and know what I’m doing and will have a productive morning. I do basically all of these things already, but I thought I’d share them today […]

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