Passion 2017. 

June 5-9 I, and many others went to the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida every morning and night. Middle schoolers, High schoolers, and adults all gathered in one arena to worship God and hear His word preached. One of my favorite things about the week was how many people were there in His name […]

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First Summer Picnic + 12 Things 

1. Summer picnics are so fun!! I want to have like hundreds of them!!  2. People should have picnics more often, they are so relaxing!  3. Summer is basically here so more picnics will definitely be happening!  4. All of the photos above are from this summers first picnic!  5. Our picnic was very last […]

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Memories In Floral 

Don’t you love when an outfit brings back memories? Or even makes memories? I think it’s so awesome when you put on an outfit and it brings back all the memories from when you wore it last. Last time I wore this dress I wore it to a ballet at the Kennedy Center in DC […]

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