When Will I Feel His Presence? 

As I was writing a verse on my bathroom mirror (1 john 2:6) and listening to Hillsing UNITED “So Will I” I was overwhelmed by His love and power. Do you ever have those moments? Where you can feel Christ showing you His might and grace? If not, I’m saddened by that. It’s something amazing seeing His power through a song you randomly clicked while getting ready for the day!

  There will be those times when you don’t feel Him there with you, but He still is there. Yeah you might not feel Him when your brushing your teeth at night. But if your mediating on a verse you wrote on the mirror then it’s more likely you’ll feel Christ with you as your brushing your pearly whites. 

There will be the times when you feel like things aren’t going exactly how you think they should, but He is still there covering you in grace even when you don’t feel it. His grace covers you like a blanket in your living room you grab every night!  You’ll feel Him sometimes, and sometimes you won’t. That’s why we have to dig deep into His word to know Him, then we will feel Him there. Highs and lows. Valleys and hills. Sorrow and happiness. Crying and smiling. Confused and content. Frustrated and fulfilled. He will be there. So I will praise Him. I will look for His presence even when I’m not happy with how my life is. Even when I am happy how my life is. I’ll be honest, I had been searching for Him, wondering where He is, wondering if He saw me, longing to feel His presence. It’s not until I got into His word and created a relationship that I felt His presence with me. 

My life is not how I thought it would be right now, I am happy but I could be happier. And I hate to say that because I know I am where God wants me right now, but it’s easy to search for more when you feel stuck. So I’m learning to praise Him in the highs and lows, but I’m in the middle right now. I’m happy praising Him for where I am, but I know there is more He has for me. I am sorta in that frustrated or fulfilled thing I was just talking about. I’m growing in my relationship with Him so when I am low I’ll still know He is with me. I’m growing in my relationship with Him so when I’m in my highest I’ll still know He is there. 

 How can we expect to feel the Saviors presence if we don’t know what He is like?? You’ll see Him in your life when you began to put Him and your relationship with Him first in your life. If you long to feel His presence read the Bible, get to know our creator, He will show up in your life. Call on Him in your time in the Bible, He’ll hear your calls. 


P S A L M  1 4 5 : 1 8 


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