Pray As You Fall Alseep – A Prayer Challange 

    So I’m sitting on my bed eating a candy bar, you know, as one does, and I was thinking about my favorite time of the day. I’ve got a lot of things during the day that I love doing. I love my time waking up, reading verses, doing my quite time, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram (my morning wake up time is kinda long). I love making my breakfast and eating it while I watch New Girl. I love family dinner time, everyone talking about our days and laughing at each others days. 

     But something I’ve really been loving in my day is going to bed. I’ve always loved getting ready for bed, putting on my comfy shorts and big tee, washing my face, brushing my teeth, watching some more New Girl probably, most likely, ok, yes definitely. So something I’ve been doing for the past month or so is praying as I fall asleep. I don’t know maybe loads of others do this and I just didn’t know but hey I love it so I wanted to share. A few things, it’s kinda weird that we pretend we are asleep to fall asleep, I find that strange. But as we are just laying there why don’t we talk to our Heavenly Father? Tell Him about our struggles of that day, praise Him for the little blessings, maybe write a prayer out or just close out eyes and lay down and just talk to Him. 

   I love getting under my covers,closing my eyes, think about, and talk to our marvelous creator. Something about ending your ending your day in the presence of God makes you feel full of Him the next day. Ask for His blessing on things, repent from your wrong doings of the day, thank Him for the people in your life, pray through it all. List it all to Him, but also listen for Him. Praying isn’t us telling God what we want Him to do, it’s us listening for what He wants us to do. 

   Praying is pursing God and that relationship with Him. You know when your sleeping over at your best friends house and you are just laying in bed talking about seriously anything in the entire world and the conversation just seems endless. That’s what we have with God, He is with us, wanting to just be talked to, wanting you to feel His presence! Talk it all out because He wants to Hear! He is there, He’s waiting for that endless conversation with His beloved child! That’s the relationship. The talking, the struggles, the praise, the heartache, the confusion, but most of all His love and power!!

     Sometimes we really don’t know what to say, sometimes we are seriously confused on what God is even doing with us right now. You don’t know what to talk to Him about, or you simply can’t find the words to share your struggles with Him. But God knows your heart, He heard it all, He knows what you mean, He knows when you need that voice of His to go “It’s going to be ok, I’ve got this. My plan is pretty great, just wait until you see.” 

      Sometimes I feel like I pray to much, that I’ll annoy God. But then I think “I’d rather get to heaven and have Him say ‘now there is a familiar voice’ then Him say “it’s nice to finally hear from you.” There is that relationship with Christ again, the continuous talk with Him through this crazy life we have! 

     Just try it for a week, I dare you, your relationship with Him will flourish because of that prayer time. So as you are falling asleep talk to your Savior, your Father, your Redeemer, your Healer, and your Creater. Talk to Him like your talking to a friend, because He is your friend.  

P H I L I P P I A N S   4 : 6 


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