A Day At The Pool + 12 Things

I love the 12 things series because it’s a quick and easy way to share what’s on my mind, plus share some cute pics. So here are 12 things….

1. I love summer, can it get any better than warm weather, messy hair, hanging out with friends, and pool days?! 

2. Don’t wear old sunscreen. 

3. Old sunscreen does NOT prevent burning. Ouch. 

4. Chinese food is even yummier when eaten pool side 

5. Polaroids are my jam!! 

6. I love taking and sharing pictures for this blog! Or pictures in general, so many memories in each picture you take! 

7. I am so happy about how my blog is lately. I feel like it’s more of a journal of my own thoughts and ideas!

8. How come more movies aren’t on Netflix?? I need old Rom Coms to be on there! 

9. I’ve been reading a good bit recently, which I LOVE.  I used to read a lot and I’m just now getting back into it. 

10. Praying right before bed, as you are falling asleep is my favorite thing to do! I might write a blog post on my thoughts about it! So keep an eye out 😉 

11. Sitting on the front porch with your best friends while drinking a smoothie and eating McDonald’s French fries is SO much fun!! Because you need salty snacks and bestie chats in the summer buggy nights. 

12. How are McDonald’s French fries so good?! 

I hope you have a great Monday! 


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