The New “Social Life” 

       As I’m sitting in the kitchen drinking my tea scrolling aimlessly, liking pictures, retweeting the tweets, and pinning many pins, I thought “this is the new social life isn’t it?” The definition for “a social life” has changed so much over the past 10 years. It used to be going to the movies with your friends and grabbing something to eat, now it is posting a picture, statues, or a tweet to make you look or sound like you’ve just got an amazing life. Or it is sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram looking at people’s feeds wishing that your life looked more like theirs. They look like they have it all together, maybe they posted a picture with their friends at the movies, or they posted a picture of the beach. And it looks like they have it all together. Just the right angles, just the right lighting, and let’s not forget about the filter, I mean you’ve got to make sure the filter is just right.

      No there isn’t anything wrong with loving to hang out with your friends and take pictures to document the day. You see the pictures above, it is something my friends and I really love to do, take a bunch of pictures and laugh at the ones that we really don’t know what happened to our face right there. (honestly we sometimes wonder just what happened in some pictures). We can’t let our “social lives” define who we are. We aren’t the Facebook statues, we aren’t the inspiration tweet we just sent out, we aren’t the Snapchat GO tag, and we aren’t our Instagram themes. Don’t get me wrong I am all about the insta pics, and the pinterest, but it’s not me. Me is the person that hopes strangers see Christ in me, whether that’s through instragram our walking through the Target frozen food aisle. 

     It’s all a game, who are on Twitter is now taken as the person you are in real life. The tweets we post shouldn’t be something we wouldn’t want to say if Jesus was sitting right next to us, reading over our shoulders. If He were sitting besides us as we were scrolling through Instagram what would He see? Would He be pleased that we are wishing our lives looked a tiny little bit more like that person who gets hundreds of likes? I’m pretty sure He wouldnt. He’d be like “Yes, their life is really great for them, but I’ve got something AMAZING in store for you!” And wouldn’t He be so much happier if He sees the people we are surrounding ourselves with who are lifting us up just as we are lifting them up? If He saw that He’d say “You are growing because of them, and they are growing because of you.” 

I don’t really know where I am going with this post, I just had many thoughts on today’s world that can easily take control of us and change how we think our lives should be. 

Bottom line: insta, Twitter, Facebook, snap streaks, it’s all a game. It’s not who you are. Who you are is how you treat people in real life.  

Ok, now that I’ve rambled on I’ve got to go reheat my tea and get going with my day. 


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