Passion 2017. 

June 5-9 I, and many others went to the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida every morning and night. Middle schoolers, High schoolers, and adults all gathered in one arena to worship God and hear His word preached. One of my favorite things about the week was how many people were there in His name to grow. Some of them their parents might’ve forced them to go and some of them were determined to go. A lot of people left in awe of His sheer wonder and how powerful the name of Jesus is. So many things about this past week were amazing, but I wanted to share a few quotes from each speaker and my own thoughts… so… here you go! 


Jesus wasn’t walking around saying “Belive in yourself.” 
Now a days society is always telling us to believe in ourselves, but how can we as Christian believe in ourselves? We are all sick with sin,  Jesus in the only cure. Our flesh is of this world and if we go believing in ourselves we are believing that this worldly life is worth everything. We only need to believe in Jesus and His power, authority, and word. Otherwise our lives won’t look like Christ at all and that’s not how God intended His people to live.  He wants us to believe and trust in Him and not anything we are capable of doing for ourselves but only what our God is capable of doing through us for Him. 


By grace through faith. 

I realized this past week that Ephesians 2:1-10 are some of my favorite passages. It’s a stunning picture of our lives before and after we surrender our lives to Christ. It tells us of His wonderful grace which is a gift from God. We aren’t dead anymore when we surrender to His grace and mercy, instead we are alive in Him!! I don’t know about you, but to think about the breathtaking image of Christ making us alive is the most amazing picture that I could ever imagine. 

Louie Giglio

Created by Jesus for Jesus

First off I’ll just say I could listen to Louie preach all day long!! He brought down the house every time he preached! The first night he preached it was all about worship… why we were created… who we were created for… and our purpose. But really the simple answer for all of those is Jesus. Everything in this world was created for the sole purpose to show glory to God. That is exactly what we were created to do. The world tells us we were created for this and that and we are always stressing about what our purpose or plan is, but guys, in this world we are in our purpose is to bring glory to His name. In all we do we. 


Colossians 1:16 “For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or  dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.” 

Those last 9 simple words remind us of exactly why we are here. 


If you want to live this life for God, make every effort. 

The world is watching. How you live reflects Jesus, the love you show reflects Jesus, the love you don’t show reflects Jesus. Since the world is watching we need to play our part in sharing His love and grace to others. That is worship to God, showing His love, and using our lives for His ultimate plan. Yeah sometimes that’s not easy to do. Sometimes you want to stay in your room and not show anyone love, because you feel like the devil is showing you that everything you are doing in life is wrong, but maybe really all you want is a warm chocolate chip cookie and that’ll make it all better, right? No, I’m kidding, yes maybe a chocolate chip cookie wouldn’t be so bad with some Bible and Jesus time. But that is definitely the devil trying to knock down the Lord’s army of believers. To stay strong in your faith and make that effort we have to be in His word, growing in our relationship with Christ daily (and throw in some chocolate chip cookies for good measure ;). 


The wrath of God makes it possible for us to know His love. 

I used to always be confused about verses that talk about the wrath of God, but now I have a little more understanding of what it means. I always thought that God was angry at us, it never really clicked with me until last week that all the wrath is towards the sins and wrong doings. He made us alive, that is why we were created. To be alive in Him forever, but sin comes between us. Wrath comes between us and Christ. His wrath is against the sin not against us. The wrath of God had to be satisfied, and it was satisfied through the death of Jesus! How is God’s wrath going to be satisfied? It already is, that is the astounding thing! Not only was wrath caused by our sins but our sins are killed by that same wrath! That wrath of God killed our sins in Jesus’ body. 

I hope my thoughts on these maybe connect with you or encourages your own thoughts! Passion camp was amazing! 


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