First Summer Picnic + 12 Things 

1. Summer picnics are so fun!! I want to have like hundreds of them!! 

2. People should have picnics more often, they are so relaxing! 

3. Summer is basically here so more picnics will definitely be happening! 

4. All of the photos above are from this summers first picnic! 

5. Our picnic was very last minute. We ran into town to get some cookies, fruit, and crackers for the food. It was all sooo good! Can you get much better then fruit and chocolate chip cookies?! 

6. We kept watching the weather because we knew it might rain, but we weren’t for sure if it was going to. 

7. The park was just about empty, so we set out our little blanket and food, then poured our lemonade, snacked and chatted! 

8. We took lots of pictures because we knew we’d regret not taking a lot of them. 

9. All of us wore summer dresses (the best!). 

10. We decided to pack up since it had started to thunder. So we had to lug it all back to the car, which wasn’t easy and wasn’t light! 

11. As soon as we got everything loaded into the car it POURED down rain!! It was so funny and perfect timing! 

12. More picnics mean more pictures to post on here 😉 


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