This Is What I Want To Be Known For. 

How do you want to be known?? Do you want to be known for your hard work at your weekday job? Do you want to be known for your eyes, smile, or hair? Do you want to be known for the things you have, or the things you post? Or do you never even think about what you’ll be known for? A lot of question marks are up above, and they should get you thinking “What am I known for?” Or “What will I be known for?” 

Me, personally, I want to be known for the love and kindness I show others, and not just kind to the people I know but to everyone I ever encounter. I know that I won’t be loving and kind to everyone I meet, there will be days when I’m not the sweetest person, or the kindest. That’s ok, I am flawed, but my God is not, and He will teach me to be like Him. He will teach me how to love, show kindness, be considerate, and guide me to the way He wants me to live my life. 
We are to love people just as Christ has loved ever single person, no matter if they are different than us, look different than us, or act different than us. 
I want to be like Christ. Something that has been on my mind and heart for a few weeks now is the strive to be like Him. Loving, caring, considerate, kind, sweet, gracious, tender hearted, and understanding, all of those and many more is what our Savior is. I’ve thought about these so much recently, how we are called to be like Christ because He is in us! 

I want to be known for being like Him! I don’t want to be known for my accomplishments, I want to be known for the way I loved, the way I show grace, even when it wasn’t easy. I want to be known for kindness and the consistent pursuit of being like Jesus in every aspect of life. Through the hard days and the easy days I want His love poured out through me! I know He will give me strength to be like Him

Proverbs 16:24 “Pleasent words are like honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” 

Being kind and using your words in love never hurt anyone, it makes you like Christ, and guides you to the path that He has made for you. 

So maybe still you want to be known for all the things I listened above, but add being known for being like Jesus, and make it your top priority. He calls us to be like Him, hear His words every time you speak, make sure they glorify Him and show His love to others. 



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