18 Thoughts On My 18th Birthday

I want to write this post to be able to look back on when I’m older to see the person I am today. To see how much I’ve changed, how much I haven’t changed, how much I’ve grown, and to see how much things can change over time. I see this blog now as my journal, so I wanted to write down some things I’ve thought today and I want myself to remember or laugh at.   

1. Birthdays should be made a big deal. 

2. Harry Styles new song “Sign Of The Times” is AMAZING! 

3. Music is incredible. 

4. 18 doesn’t feel much different then 17. 

5. Spring is GORGEOUS. 

6. Why can’t trees look like this all year round? 

7. God shapes our hearts through all the hard times. 

8. Our lives as christians will always be a process to be like Christ. 

9. Being a Christian demands constant progress, not perfection. 

10. Writing down all of your thoughts will make room for more thoughts. 

11. How is sarcasm not an actual language? 

12. Words and thoughts are some of my favorite things. Maybe that’s weird but I love them, and I love writing them down. 

13. Warm chocolate chip cookies can’t be beat. 

14. Chase God, not people. 

15. Netflix is better then regular TV. 

16. Enjoy your life where it is now. 

17. Family is the best. 

18. Prayer is important. 


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