What I Loved The Month Of March 

March is almost over! There is like 3 days left so let’s just go ahead and say it’s April! Since it’s April 😉 I thought I’d shared my March favorites today. I have been trying some new makeup products but I’m not ready just yet to say they are a favorite, I’ll keep you updated though. 

Some of my beauty favorites this past month have been kind of random. If you follow me on instagram (check it out here!) then you’ve probably seen some of these on there recently. Like the rings, I wear these all of the time and I’ve never shared where they are from on my blog. I get most of my rings at Old Navy, Charming Charlie’s, and sometimes Francesca’s. I don’t spend much money on jewelry because I mostly wear simple pieces so they are easy to find in most stores. 

The other thing you may have seen on my instagram is this lip liner. It is Rimmel London Lasting Finish stay on lip contouring pencil in the color tiramisu. I loveee the way it makes my lips look, they look way more polished and thicker when you have a perfect line of you lips! This also stays on really well! I just trace my lips and fill in a little bit and it really completes my makeup. 

I’ve really been into good skincare, I always have been one to take care of my skin, but recently have been researching and looking into different things to do for good skin. The Tarte Maracuja oil is something I’ve so been enjoying putting on my skin at night! Good makeup starts with a good base, which is your skin. I want to try mixing some of the oil with my foundation and see how that makes my makeup look. I will keep you updated on that as well! 

For my last favorite this month is the Bath and Body Works almond & vanilla body spray!! All the heart eyes for this body mist!! I love vanilla perfumes and I love almond smells, mix them together and you better bet I am buying that bad boy!! Next time you are at B&BW’s smell it and buy, you won’t regret it!! 

I hope you week has been amazing!! Xx. 

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27 


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