My Current Favorite Lip Colors 

Right now, as I’m typing this, I’m sitting on my floor in my bedroom, I always end up sitting in this spot when writing blog posts. Does anyone else love sitting on the floor? Maybe it’s just me but I randomly sit on the floor. Like when I’m cooking and waiting for something to boil or cook I just sit on the floor and listen to music and scroll through all the social medias. Ok, anyway, spring is so so close you can almost just barely touch it. So that means bringing out the new trends of the season, new colors, new makeup. Just all the good stuff. Last year around this time I shared my favorite lip colors for the new season (see post here). I figured now would be a good time to show you my favorite colors as of lately! 

The Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina has been my favorite for almost a year, it’s a gorgeous mauve pink shade. I don’t think they make this shade anymore but the color Rosa is very very similar. If you are looking for a liquid lipstick that will stay all day I highly recommend this one. 

I actually don’t wear lipstick very often, I don’t know why it’s just not my go to. But this sheer peachy shade is really fun for spring, and it’s very soft. This lipstick above is Revlon colorburt in the color juicy papaya, it looks so pretty with a gold smoky eye! 

Another lip product I don’t wear often is lipgloss, I don’t want to have to reapply often, I want to put it on and forget about it. But when I want a simple gloss for a quick trip to the store or something I love this Urbana decay ultra nourishing gloss in the shade “naked”. 

My most recent lip find is the Tarte Lip Paint, ughhh sooo good!! I have like 5 shades, but I wanted to share this one, it’s my favorite right now out of them all. This shade is “front row”, it’s a stunning dark rose color. It looks more brown in the picture but it’s really more of a pink. 

The Stila and Tarte are my two favorite, because they really stay all day, and who wouldn’t love not to touch up? 

I hope you have an amazing weekend. Xx. 


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