My Classic Outfit + 12 Things 

This whole outfit was just thrown together, because last Sunday was daylight savings and I only had an hour to get completely ready for church. My usual go to when I’m running late or can’t think of anything to wear is almost always black skinnys. So that day was no different, I just grabbed simple pieces out of my closet and was happy it turned out good! 

I realized the other day I haven’t done a 12 Things post since Thanksgiving, which feels like forever ago. So here are 12 random things…

1. Currently I am writing this while sitting by the fire watching Friends. Trying to figure out if I’m more like Rachel, Phoebe, or Monica. And I’m thinking, and have been told, that I’m a mixture of all three, so I’m not complaining about that haha. 

2. Friends is my all time FAVORITE tv show!!!! I watch it all the time!!

3. I’m thinking that this will be the last snow (hopefully) this season, because is it really even supposed to snow in March? 

4. I’m really craving some warmer weather, and maybe that’ll make me want to clean out my closet. I’m just kidding I really love cleaning out my closet for a new season! 

5. We move in 61 days, which is 8 weeks!!! I couldn’t be more excited!! 

6. I’ve made a list of things I need to get organized before they start packing us up! I also hope to share some organization tips around the middle to end of April. So if you are needing spring cleaning tips just wait a bit 😉 

7. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on a blog post yet, but I’m going to prom at the end of April and I’m soooo excited!!! I’ve already got a dress, shoes, and some jewelry! 

8. I’m starting to think about my hair and makeup for prom, so you know I’m stoked about all that! Yes I have a whole Pinterest board just for prom. 😉 

9. I love that Rachel is the new bachelorette- she is so funny and seems so sweet!!! I also can’t wait for bachelor in paradise, it’s so good!!!

10. I’ve been doing BBG workouts for about the whole year and I’m LOVING it!!!! I am on week 8, so I have finally gotten into a routine of waking up early and working out. Is it weird that I actually really look forward to it? 

11. I am very very very excited for Beauty & the Beast this weekend!! Belle is my favorite Disney princess and I love when they remake old Disney films into live action films!! 

12. I can’t wait for this summer!!! Tons of fun stuff is already planned and I can’t wait to share it all on here!


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