Sunny Days 

I was loving the warm weather yesterday, walked around an outdoor shopping center in a skirt. Yes, my legs were pale ish but I’ve got to start somewhere. That little bit of vitamin D  probably didn’t help my legs much but man did the warm sun feel good! Now as I’m typing this it’s 42 degrees out and windy, not my favorite to say the least. 

I’m just happy I finally got to take some pictures!! It’s so exciting when the weather changes, especially in the fashion world. It means new trends, old pieces brought back out, and of course new pieces brought in! I got this denim mini at Target (where else?!) for only $22 and I already am ready to style it many more ways! The distressed denim is what I really love about this skirt, you can never go wrong with a little bit of rips and frays. 

What are some spring trends you are wanting to try this up coming season? It’s fun trying new pieces and seeing what you like about them! 

Have an amazing weekend!! Xx  


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