All Things Pink For Valentines Day

It feels like forever since I’ve posted but it’s only been a week! I’m going to be 100% completely honest, I have felt very uninspired with my blog lately. I have had plenty of outfits that I’ve wanted to share but I just can’t seem to go and take pictures. Hopefully that’ll change when the weather changes, we will see. Maybe it won’t even change until I move. I know once I move my blog with get a whole new feel, meaning it’ll be more driven towards my daily life and not so much of what it has been lately. 

On with the meaning of this post though, Valentine’s Day! A lot of people don’t like it, shame on you! It’s a holiday full of chocolate, pink, red, and love! How could you not love it?! I know I love it because of all the cute outfits I see other bloggers put together also just the pinks! Pink is my favorite color ever right now, not so much hot hot pink but more of the rosie pink. So above I showed some Valentine’s Day nail art, and also just some pretty pink things to get you in the holiday spirit! I have many blog posts lined up for this next week leading up to V day. I have something for everyone, not matter your plans for that day! 


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