How I Grow In My Relationship with God Daily 

I am most definitely one of the many people who love little quotes, and inspirational sayings. Yes, I have a board on Pinterest just for quotes (check it out here!). I love the motivation and inspiration I can get from sayings and quotes. So this year while doing my own quite time if I have a thought, a little quote, or a verse I really loved I will write it down and put it somewhere in my room. Right now mostly where they end up is on my nightstand or my vanity. They are starting to pile up, so I can’t wait to look back and read them all later this year. Whenever I see the one on top from that morning I remember everything I learned that morning during my time in God’s word. I encourage you to leave reminders and verses around your room or home to help you remember just how lucky you are in life and how great our God is!! 


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