Thinking of Warmer Weather in Booties 

Where has this week gone? January is almost over, which is insane to think about. I’ve only posted 4 times so far this year. There will be more, I promise. All the days I planned to do blog pictures it’s either been raining, windy, or I’m doing laundry, which means I have no clothes to take picture of haha. But I managed to get a few shots of my outfit on a day I kept it casual with high waisted jeans, a sweater, and these adorable Target Sam & Libby boots. These aren’t the best for winter because you’ve got to wear cropped pants with them, but you bet I’ll wear them a ton this spring! I can just see them with a floral dress! How often do you find yourself thinking of the next seasons outfits? I do it all of the time!! I’m ready for the spring, I just love the warmer weather, and the sun!! 

So moral of the post- time is going quickly, I’m ready for spring, and more blog post soon to come! 


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