What’s In My Bag?! 

I finally have a big purse, which means I can fit more then just my wallet and sunglasses in there! Which also mean I can show you what’s in my bag! Now I did clean it out, sort of haha. I just threw away the gum wrappers and receipts because I figured no one really wants to see that. So the usual is in my purse, wallet, gum, mints, sunglasses, lotion, lip stick, perfume, and oil absorbing sheets. Some of my favorite go to items are being carried in my bag, like the lip colors. I just grabbed this Covergirl lip balm from my collection over Christmas and I love having it in my purse for a quick color to throw on. One of my favorite lip products right now definitely has to be the new Tarte lip paints!! So many gorgeous colors, and it honestly feels like your wearing nothing! I recommend everyone trying them out, great to keep handy in your bag as well. 

The lotion and roller ball perfume are from the same company, Cake Beauty! Everything. Smells. Amazing. I can’t tell you how yummy it all smells!!! The lotion I have is a lemon & cream scent, it’s so great I could smell my hands for hours after applying it! The roller perfume is in coconut, one of my favorite scents!! All of the smells are sweet yet clean smelling, it’s fabulous, go check out there website!! 
What are some essentials in your bag?? 


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