Sophisticated Winter Coat 

Happy Monday! How cute and simple is this outfit?! Totally Pinterest worthy in my opinion. I actually got inspiration for this outfit on Pinterest. This grey coat is from Old Navy, it’s not a thick wool winter coat, it’s for chiller days but definitely not snow days. I knew I wanted an all black look for this coat, so ripped jeans were a must. I can’t wait to wear this coat with a dress, that’s one thing I love seeing with longer coats is dresses. It makes the whole look so much more sophisticated. That’s my thing this year is sophistication, I want to look and be more sophisticated. In my style and personality (which will be hard because I’m naturally loud and crazy) 

I’ve been wearing my hair natural and curly, which makes it so voluminous!! I love some volume with my short hair!! I feel like I’ve had it cut short for a while but I still can’t seem to figure out different ways to style it. If you have any tips for styling short hair let me know because I’m all ears! 


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