Life Update 

A few of my goals or “resolutions” for 2017 have already been off to a good start. Some of them haven’t, but I’m working on it! One of my goals is to make my blog more personal, so how about I start that one right now with a little life update?! 

-I now will have more time to paint (which I’ll be including more in my blog as well!). I used to have a “job” for a small jewelry company and I’m not doing that anymore so I’ll be able to focus more on my own hobbies this year!! I’m so excited about that!! It means more painting, reading, and blogging!! 
– IM MOVING!!! I could NOT be more excited about moving back to Alabama!! I’m moving back to where I call home, where all of my friends are and where I want my life to be at! With that I’ll have more of a “life”, I’ll be doing more things and taking more pictures. And that will go along with making my blog more personal! I’m excited to move again, I feel like it’s been forever!! I’ll probably document some of that on here, like cleaning and organizing tips that I find helpful! 

– My main goal for the year is to grow in my relationship with God and dive deeper into His word. And I have to say so far this one is going very well!! Let me know if you’d like to see any post about what I’m studying, reading, or thinking! 

– Last year I was so so good at eating healthy but after the holiday season it’s gone just a little bit down hill, not much but some. Last year I wanted to try hard to be Vegan (which is no meat or any animal products). I couldn’t stick to that completely but I’d have to say I think I did pretty well! This year I’m focusing more on not eating perservatives, dairy, or red meat. There will be some times when I’m just going to need a cheese burger but I won’t let that stop the entire plan of having a healthy diet! 

I’m thinking about doing this “Life Update” about once or twice a month! Just to keep this blog up to date on what’s going on in my life! 

Happy weekend! Stay warm!! 


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