Winter Must Haves For Better Skin

Winter is here, there is no stopping it (unfortunately)! That means no going outside without getting your skin frozen off by that chilling wind. Also your feet are frozen almost all day, which is the worst!! All this chill in the wind and snow we have to protect our skin, it’s just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. We just have to change gears a little bit, as in moisturize, heal, and also tan 😬. 

– MARIO BADESCU FACIAL SPRAY WITH ALOE, HERBS, AND ROSEWATER! I got this because I had heard lots of people raving about it. It has really helped my skin feel softer and look more radiant instead of dry and dead which comes with winter weather. 

– BURTS BEES SHIMMER LIP BALM! I’ve had this for a while and I happened to grab it out from my collection one day while I was rushing out the door. The color I have is in rhubarb, such a gorgeous color for the winter and heals those chapped lips! 

-MAYBELLINE DREAM ILLUMINATER CORRECTOR! We all know January is when we get our palest, that means busting out the self tanner and bronzing products! I got this concealer in the darkest color to use as a cream contour! I’ve really been loving how easy it is to blend and add that color into my oh so pale complexion. 


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