16 Of My Favorite Memories From 2016 

Here are some of my favorite memories from 2016… 

1. Starting watercolor painting. It’s something that’s very relaxing to me and very fun to do!! I definitely recommend finding a new hobby this next year!

2. I posted a lot more on my blog, like a lot a lot. 

3. I started cooking! I used to despise cooking, I hated being in the kitchen. But this year I stepped into the kitchen and found a love of chopping, sautéing , and the other cooking lingo! 
4. Cutting my hair, a lot. I got bangs in the early spring, a love hate relationship for sure. I also cut it off to just above my shoulders!! A LOVE relationship 

5. I went into D.C. to “tour” with friends and family. (I live near Washington DC in case you didn’t know that). Even though it’s not my favorite I made many memories there with family and friends that I won’t forget. 

6. I went on a little trip out of town with my mom on my 17th birthday to have a shopping day. It was such an amazing time just her and I! I will always remember them!! 

7. I spent a month in Alabama with my very best friend. Some of my favorite times with her is jamming to music in the car and just talking for ever! 

8. The summer days with my friends in Alabama, like 4th of July, Steak & Shake, and crazy times in Books A Million. 

9. Going to Passion Camp with those same friends. Late night pizza, dance parties in our hotel room, and relaxing on the beach together!! 
10. Getting more personal on my blog. I shared way more of my personal life on my blog this year, and I only want that to continue to grow more into 2017. (There will be more amazing  photos with my best friend this year!!!) 
11. Going to the beach in the beginning of October with my family! Eating breakfast together on the back deck, playing games and watching tv late into the night, the best of times!! 

12. Going indoor sky diving!!! A 2016 highlight for sure! I never would have thought I’d be someone who would get to do something that awesome!! 

13.  My best friend coming up to D.C.!!! There are so many different things that I just loved so much from that week she was here, it’s hard not to name them all!!

14. Dressing up for Halloween as little fawn and trick out treating then coming home and eating Chinese food. Bre and I can never be together and there not be Chinese food involved.  

15. Going to The Kennedy Center to watch The San Francisco Ballet perform Cinderella with Breanna, my bestfriend. Probably in my top 3 favorite things I’ve done this year! 

16. Our simple family Christmas, I look forward to the simple Christmas my family has all year long. It’s always a day to remember.  


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