Seven Days Of Christmas: Current Favorites 

These are my current favorites for sure! I’ve been reading the Harry Potter series for the past month or so and I’m on the third book. I actually have never read these books, and the movies always used to confuse me so I decided to read one book then watch the movie and so on and so on. So so good!! Fiction books are most definitely my favorite kinds of books. I’ve shared a few other books in other post, you can find them HERE

The Too Faced lip injection lip gloss is sooo good!! It really plumps your lips, throw it on over something else or just by itself. It’s amazing!! I got the lip gloss in an Ipsy bag along with the It Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof eyeliner. This eyeliner really won’t budge, it’s the all time best black eyeliner! I line my top lashline with it to make my eyelashes look thicker and it doesn’t transfer to my lower waterline! Miracles, I know. As for the Elf Lash Tint Mascara, I’ve only used it twice but I love the brush. I had been looking for a very small applicator but all of them are so expensive, so when I saw this one at Target I had to grab it. It makes my eyelashes so long and voluminous, yet natural. Pair it with the Maybelline cream Baby Skin blush and you’ve got it made for those days you don’t want to wear much makeup. 

For my fashion favorites it’s got to be these brown booties that I could wear everyday. I wore them in my Striped Layers post, wore it with a skirt in this post, I even wore them on Halloween in this post, and to brunch here. Basically I wear them a ton and I love them!! *all the heart eyes* 

I know this post is about as long as a Harry Potter Novel but I have to talk about raw honey. Probably the most random thing in a favorites post, but it’s a good one!! I read on Byrdie that Kendall Jenner uses a raw honey, lemon juice, and baking soda mixture on your pimples at night so I tried it! It was good but then I found raw honey on its own does just as well. I just dab a little bit of honey on my problem area and sleep with it. It reduces redness and swelling, it’s really good!!! 


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