12 Things + My Thanksgiving Outfit 

1. I wore this Thanksgiving day. 

2. Super comfy, but jeans needed to come off later in the day. So later I put on Christmas pjs. 

3. I got these straight leg jeans a while ago and I’m just now starting to style them. 

4. Definitely loving straight leg jeans. 

5. Pair straight leg jeans with pointed toe shoes to elongate your legs. 

6. Be excepting a lot of outfits shot this way, it’s so cold out!! 

7. Fruit salad is a must in my Thanksgiving meal. 

8. Along with sweet potatoe casserole! 

9. I’m thankful for my family and God most of all!!! ❤️ 

10. How come when it comes to # 10 I can’t think of any other things to write?  

11. (Got something!!!) Three words–Gilmore Girls Revival!!!! 

12. Soooooo good!! Those last four words!! Netflix, I hope there is more to come! 


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