San Francisco Cinderella Ballet at The Kennedy Center Opera House + 12 Things 

1. The surprise I told you about in my last 12 Things post was a ballet at the Kennedy Center Opera House!! 

2. It was the most amazing night, I’ll never forget it!!

3. The day before the ballet we went shopping for our outfits. We looked at sooo many stores in the mall and ended up getting our outfits at Target. Not mad about that! 

4. We saw Cinderella 

5. We had awesome seats. We could see everything, including the live orchestra! 

6. My parents went as well and my dad only about fell asleep once. 😉

7. Many teenagers like to party on Friday nights but Breanna and I would much rather see a ballet on a Friday night! 

8. I wish I was a ballerina. 

9. We drove through Taco Bell afterward. It was really good!! 

10. Definitely recommend the Quesarito! 

11. I can’t wait to look back at these pictures and have all the amazing memories flood back to me! 

12. More pictures to come of when Bre was here!!!


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