My Favorite Peach Eyeshadow 

You all really seemed to love my last makeup post, The Perfect Autumn Lipstick. So I thought I’d share another makeup favorite of mine, which is an eyeshadow! I’ve been doing eyeshadow way more then I used to. I used to just focus on bold lashes and flawless skin. But I had stepped out of my comfort zone and I am loving it! I mostly didn’t do eyeshadow because I wasn’t good at it, but I’ve gotten a lot better and it’s what I look forward to when doing my makeup! This eyeshadow is a really fun transition shade for the crease, it’s kind of a burnt peach shade! Perfect for fall!! Sometimes I’ll use it with gold shadow or do a more natural look with the peach shade in the crease and a nude on the lid! 

I want to get more of the single pots of shadow from nyx, they have really pretty shades! The one above is in “LOL”, I definitely recommend you go pick it up at your ulta or drugstore! 

Happy almost weekend! 😉 


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