The Beach in Fall + 12 Things

1. I got this post idea from Barefoot Blondes blog post HERE

2. I never got in the water while at the beach. To cold. 

3. I wore my Adidas just about the entire time. My most comfy shoes for sure. 

4. I went indoor skydiving last week!!!! Most adventures and fun thing I’ve ever done!!!

5. I never got any outfit picture while there 😦 

6. It’s finally starting to feel like fall!! 

7. My dog is snoring very loudly right next to me. 

8. My best friend is coming to visit in 8 days!!!!

9. I have a surprise thing I’m taking her to so be expecting pictures!!

10. I’m actually supposed to be doing school right now as I’m typing this. 

11. I finished reading the book “All The Bright Places” last week. Very very good. But heartbreaking. 

12.  I guess I should get back to school. 


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