2 Years…

2 years ago today I started my blog… so many posts, which means lots of outfits, makeup, hair, and life. I can’t believe I made my blog two years ago, it honestly feels like I just made it! I have the app Timehop, which shows your social media activity 1 year ago, 2 years ago, and so on. Every other day I come upon a blog post I had written a year or two years ago. I love getting to look back on the post and my words that I typed a year ago that day. When a new one comes up I get so excited to see how much my style and life has changed! My words have changed along with the way I take pictures. Here is more outfits, more life, more pictures, and more style!! 

Read what I wrote one year ago today HERE!  Above is a picture from every month this year I’ve been blogging! 

Have a great Saturday!! 


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