My Favorite Trends | Fall 2016 

Fall is officially only 2 days away! Yes yes yes!!! I’m to excited! I’m definitely at that point in the summer season that I’m totally uninspired and have resorted to a tee, jeans, and some sneakers. Which is definitely not my all time favorite look. 

But since fall is literally right around the corner, so here are the trends that are bound to be on the streets this autumn season! 


If you didn’t see these at NYFW you weren’t looking hard enough, they were everywhere! I love it!! An easy way to class up an outfit 


Ekkk I love this!! How simple and cute would this be for a corn maze or a day full of errands?! 


Earthy tones are of course always around in the fall but this year it’s going to be well used! I’m not mad about it, it’s almost always what I wear. I’m dying over all four of those outfits above! *multiple heart eyes*



Who doesn’t love a good denim jacket?! It’s to easy to throw on and look amazing and edgy, it’s kind acrazy how put together you look by just adding a jacket.  I’ve been wearing my AEO torn up jacket for a few weeks, yes, maybe I get a little hot, but it’s all in the name of fashion 😉 

What fall trends do you have your eye on? Let me know!!


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