Fall Street Style | Kendall Jenner Inspired 

I feel like this outfit is very Kendall Jenner, model off duty look! Which I am all about!! I absolutely love her street style, very vintage with a current trends twist! 

I’m totally loving these new jeans from Target, they are straight leg but have a bit of flare. So easy to style, love them! Ok, just let me tell you about these photos because it’s something else! As I’ve said before I want different places to take pictures at, so behind a grocery store it is. Just imagine a blogger trying to take her own pictures behind a store. Running back and forth to put the self timer on and quickly get a snaps in 90 degree weather. Just hoping no one comes from the back door and give me weird look. I did look insane in jeans, but hey whatever you’ve got to do to get those outfit pictures, right? 😉 

Tomorrow I’m going to get some really fun blog pictures and I’m sooo excited about it!! So those should be up quickly! 


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