Little Red Skirt 

How fun is this little red skirt?! It’s so different and such a fun shape, and you won’t believe how much I got it for! I got it at Urban Outfitters on sale for $4, originally $50! Yes, an amazing deal for a super cute skirt! It’ll be a little hard to style but I’m up for the challenge. This is the first way I styled it, with this Who What Wear lace top and these flats from Target. 

The top is actually the only thing I paid full price for in this entire outfit. I got the shoes on sale for $8! They remind me of Chanel flats which makes me super happy!! 

I’ve been trying to think of different places to take pictures around my house and this is an ok spot, I’ve got some other ideas. Let me know what you think of these snaps. I’d love to go out and take some in cute towns or even a colored wall but there is no place around me like that. I’ll stick to around my house and try and get creative with outfit post! 



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