Life Update 

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently, I’ve just felt very uninspired for pictures. Most of the pictures of my outfits I have been taking are like the ones above. Quick and simple.

    What kind of post do you want to see? More outfits, hair, makeup, skincare, lifestyle? Lots of different things going on recently.  I have been getting ready to go on a really long vacation at the beginning of July, so be excited for AWESOME blog posts then! I will be updating my Instagram a bunch while on my trip and hopefully my blog as well. But make sure and follow me on my Instagram to stay up to date, my username is @casadyrae.  I thought I was going to grow out my bangs but decided to keep them because I really do love them! 

   I also tried a new self tanner, and can you say fail?! I went to bed right after applying it, thinking I had rubbed it in all the way and woke up to really bad tan streaks! 

What are some of your summer plans? 


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