Essie Spring Favorites 

 Essie is my favorite nail polish brand, amazing colors and such a great formula! I have a few favorite colors right now that I literally can never decide between them!! In the bottom photo I have my newest color on ‘In The Cab-Ana‘, love the bright blue for spring/summer! And of course white and black are always a polish staple, Essie’s Marshmallow White and Licorice Black are a great pigment so only two coats and your good to go!
I also loveeee me a good hot pink polish, ‘bachelorette bash‘ is a creamy, juicy fuchsia! You all know how much I love blush pink so you better bet I have a blush worthy pink polish! Eternal Optimist is a spiced tea rose with a dash of cream, and it is gorgeous!! I also use their Gel Setter, which is also good! 

What is your favorite Essie polish? Let me know, id love to try any new ones! 


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