Hacks For A Better Closet

For fashion girls there is no bigger reality check than coming home to a less than lovely closet. And although achieving a perfectly organized abode can often feel like a reoccurring reminder (nightmare) on your to-do list, with just a few simple hacks and a Serena Van Der Woodson–worthy closet can be yours. Getting into the regular habit of cleaning out your wardrobe can be difficult but you’ll have a less stressed mornings and more room for cultivating a wardrobe you love! So now is just the time to be cleaning out and reorganizing to make room for spring clothes that your just dying to buy but don’t have any space (yet). 

Schedule a Regular Closet Purge 


Every start of a every other season is a great time to think about purging through your closet. I usually do start of spring and start of fall, those are the best times for me. Get ride of stuff you know you won’t wear or doesn’t fit, there is no reason to have it sitting in your closet. 

Give yourself a Reward for Getting rid of Old Clothes 


If cleaning out your closet is a struggle, give yourself a reward for the extra effort. This could be buying a piece you’ve had your eye on to replace them with or using the cash you made selling old clothes to buy new. 

Have the Necessary Supplies   
Have the necessary pieces to keep it organized, hooks, hangers, boxes, cubbies. Invest in these things to make your closet more put together and easy access to things. 

Develop your Own CCM 


Have your own CCM (Closet cleaning method), to make sure it stays just as beautiful and user-friendly, find the right closet-cleaning method for you. It could be to have certain colored hangers for certain pieces, putting things in colored groups, or simple just putting things back where you got them. Whatever works for you and keeps it as organized as you want it. 

Makeshift Closet 


If your closet isn’t big enough, have a makeshift closet on one of your walls. It can be a statment piece all on its own, make it fun and your style. It’ll also make it easier to keep your room and closet area clean. I really would love a whole wall for built-ins and racks for my clothes, I think it’s so pretty! 

Happy organizing!! 


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