Jean Shopping Tips That Will Change Your Life 

If you are like any women in the world you don’t really care for jeans shopping, let’s be honest it’s right up there with shopping for swimsuits. It’s not the most fun shopping experience when all those jeans your trying on just aren’t working for you, ya know? The process can be frustrating and time consuming, picking them out, trying them on, you know all that. Luckily, I’m here to help you, because a good pair of denim never goes out of style! 

1.Dont size up 


When buying skinny jeans they should be on the tighter side, when you get home they will stretch out. So you should be a little uncomfortable in the dressing room, but know you’ll look fabulous the next time you wear those! 

2.Double up 


If you find a pair that fit you right, grab two, you won’t regret it. 

3. Be open minded 

Experiment with different washes and fits. You might be surprised to see how much you like them when you try them on. 

4. It’s not just about the front 


Don’t forget to look at your backside, it’s just as important as the way the jeans look in the front. I’ve also found a great guide to help your backside, your welcome. 


5. Length is irrelevant 


Don’t worry about length, because you can cut the hem to give them a whole new personality. 

6. It’s all about the ankle  


Cropped denim is huge right now, and so very flattering. For the perfect cropped length, look for a pair that hit at the slimmest part of your ankle. 

Xx, now go shop 😉 


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