Spring Come Soon {Fashion}

Spring is (hopefully) on its way, granted it snowed in some places today but a girl can dream right? I’ve been very uninspired recently to take picture of my outfits. The end of winter always is the worst time because your just DONE with the cold air and ready for sandles. And I just can’t find the right place to snap some cute pictures. But as you know I’m always pinning so since I haven’t taken many pictures I’ve gather some recent pins, spring inspired! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, here! 🙂 

I’ve got to DIY me one of these!^ One Teaspoon inspired for sure! 

Can’t get enough of skirts, you better bet I’ll be wearing them with chucks this coming April! 



  What’s on the spring shopping list? Fresh whites! 

 I’m a huge fan of loose shorts, way more flattering and easy to style. 

Those sneaks with a dress, yes! And studded sandles, I can’t! 

 In love with the lace up tops, dresses, shoes, gimme all the details! 

What are some things your looking forward to about spring? The gorgeous greens? The sandles? Spring break? How about just D. All of the above? 

Xx, C 


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