Little things that make a difference in your day to day life {lifestyle} 

I think I speak for everyone when I say that everyone is always trying to look for ways to improve their days. Whether that’s being happy, more productive, or just making the most of the day. We should always be looking for ways to improve ourselves and making our days good. It is hard to do sometimes, but it’s good to at least try! Here is my version of making your day the best it can be, beyond just fixing your bed and waking up at a decent time. 

– Drink lots of Water 

– Have a Bible study time to yourself in the mornings

– Eating fruits and veggies

– Thinking positively of yourself and others 

– Washing your face twice a day 

– face masks and body scrubs out of things from around your house (I will have post soon to my skin routines) 

– Set a few minutes aside to just lay in bed and relax in the mornings, it really does help you feel more relaxed throughout the day. 

– sleeping more then 7 hours per night 

– buy yourself a good pair of jeans 

– reorganizing your clothes, makeup, possession etc 

– keeping your living space clean 

What are some of your tips? Share them below xx 


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