Bedroom Decor Inspiration {Home} 

True style extends far beyond the wardrobe. Women with a fabulous sense of fashion extend their creativity into all aspects of their lives, including their homes. I’m always in the process of revamping my room, adding decor. I really love interior design, so I’m definitely wanting to do more on my blog. I have a few different ideas for later blog post, but first I’m just going to share a few of my favorites from Pinterest 

Here are my home decor Pinterest boards- Home Style Bedroom , and Apartment

Love the frames above the bed! 

A whole wall of closet space with Persian rug, a dream!! 

Mixing patterns or keeping it simple, love it all! 

I really want to do a nightstand/end table styling post! I love how simple and artistic they can be. 

I wanted this to be just a real quick weekend post, hope you enjoyed and look forward to more decor post! 

Don’t forget to check out my other home post here ! 
Xx, Casady! 



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