How To Add Volume To Thin Hair + My Favorite Products 

Someday your hair is defiant, it’s greasy and tangled mess.  It’s enough to make any woman want to tear her strands out at the injustice of it all, or worse, go for the emotional chop and wallow in a pile of regret afterwards. When you trying your hardest not to cut those locks off yourself reach for volumizing products. Messy voluminous hair is what I’m always seeming to go for right now. I have my go to products that seem to do the trick, and they are all a reasonable price! 

Tresemme Perfectly Undone Hairspray is actually a hair spray I like, which I tweet say. I’ve never been one to like wearing hairspray, but this Tresemme product is awesome!! It really is a touchable hold. 
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is definitely the product you will reach to for that messy volume. I add a little to layers in my hair, flip my hair upside down and tease with my fingers, sometimes I’ll back comb. 

Now here are some of my tips for adding volume to your hair!

Sleep With Damp Hair In Very high Ponytail   

Style Hair On Opposite Side Of Part  

Flip Hair Upside Down While Applying Hairspray   



Use Dry Shampoo At Night, Not In The Morning


I hope these tips and products help you achieve those luscious locks we all long for! Have a great weekend!! 



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