Think In The Three L’s {Fashion}

Some of us struggle to put together an outfit sometimes. Yes, other times inspiration strikes and you have an amazing outfit put together in less the 5 minutes. But sometimes your standing in closet wondering why you just can’t find anything to wear. So why not think in the three L’s? Leather, lace, and lipstick, all great things apart, even better together! When you can’t seem to find something to wear on that lunch appointment or just running some errands around toy think in the three L’s. Because let’s me honest lipstick can amp up a look 75% more! Even just a tee shirt and jeans can look totally fab with a killer pink lip. 

Next time your standing at your closet wondering how that new lacey shirt can be worn. Just throw on some leather, jeans, and lipstick and call it good! 

{Shop This Outfit} 

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