A Guide To Your Most Stylish Shelf {Home} 

When it comes to styling a bookshelf it can be time consuming and frustrating, because you want it to look the best it can. So I’ve gathered up a few tips on how to put together your most stylish shelf. 

Find a System for Your Books


Whether it’s color scheme, sizes, or book topics, figure out how you want your books to go. And if your a aesthete like me, your probably drawn to books organized by size or color!  In the end it’ll be easier to find certain books , because they’ll have a specific spot, and it’ll look a lot better. 

Don’t Clutter the Shelf with Books 

It’s so easy to cram tons of books on a tiny shelf and pray it will not collapse, but the visual clutter is very unappealing. Besides, you know what they say: clear space, clear mind. 

Bring Height in with Vases and Artwork 

Start with your book categories, and space out each one throughout your bookcase. Separate them with art, vases, and other interesting objects. This will give more of a creative aspect to your space. Artwork is my absolute favorite thing to add to my room so you better bet I have some on my shelves. 

Don’t Hoard Unnecessary Objects
You know those little nicknacks you made when you were six? How about your collection of DVDs or school textbooks? Do yourself a favor and clean out your shelves down to a minimum. You probably don’t need most of that stuff anyway (let’s be honest, you don’t need that stuff). Throw away what you don’t need and place what you want to keep in storage bins. It will make cleaning easier, and you’ll thank me when you move.

Use Decorative Boxes


To help keep the clutter away use decorative boxes to hold the things that just don’t work on the shelf. 

Use a Grid 


It helps to create an imaginary grid in your bookcase and fill in each section separately. Alternate sections between books and objects. For books, you can line them up vertically or stack them horizontally (with a pretty object on top). Which is my favorite way to display books. For objects, alternate between a large standalone object like a vase or bowl, and clusters of smaller objects varying in height, or arranged on a tray.

Don’t Display to Many Small Objects  


Large items in a bookcase help anchor the space and create visual landmarks so that your eyes don’t get too overwhelmed. When styling your shelves, start with the big stuff: books and larger vases, objects and artwork. Then, fill in the blanks with smaller accessories. I’m one to love the minimalistic look of bookshelves, so if there are to many little things on my shelf I don’t seem to like it at much. 


Layer Objects 

Whether your going for more of a boho or simple shelf, layering is your best friend! It adds so much dimension to your bookcase and character to your home.

So there are some tips to putting together an amazing bookshelf! Let me know what you do to make your home more stylish! Have a great weekend and stay warm!! 



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