Ways to be a Better Version of Yourself {LifeStyle}

I think it is very important to always be making yourself better, improving  your personality, correcting and knowing your own flaws. Everyone has their own things they want to improve about themselves but I’ve made a list of general things that can help you! 

1. Smile. 


A smile can make your attitude 50x better then it was! If your feeling like your having a horrible day or you think someone else is having a horrible day, smile at them! It’ll make you happy and that stranger or friend happy. So smile, because happiness looks good on you. 

2. Dress for Style, Not Attention. 


Fashion is a way of showing your personality, not getting attention. Granted fashion can get attention, you just want to get the right kind of attention!

3. Start Acting the Way You Want to Feel. 


This is so important to remember! If you want to feel happy, act happy, just like the saying, fake it until’ you make it. 

4. Speak Kindly of Yourself and those around you. 

Everyone wants people to talk kindly of them so do the same for others. Think ‘would I want someone talking about me like this?’ And then see if you should say it. 

5. Always say Thank You and Return Favors. 

We are always told as kids to say ‘thank you!’ So keep it up. 

6. Have More Conversations with Strangers. 

Again, as kids we are told not to talk to strangers. But say your in Target in the shoe section and you like the shoes the lady next to you is trying on. Why not make conversation about those shoes with her? Meeting new people and making conversation makes you think differently, have different experience, and learn about others lives. Telling that lady you love those shoes she might bring up how they would be great for her trip coming up. Then that’ll lead to more conversations and a happier day for you and her! 

I hope these have made you think about your day to day lives and how you can improve yourself! I love reading these kinds of post! 

Hope your week has started of good!! 



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