New Year Resolutions {2016} 

Some people don’t like New Years resolutions, usually I probably wouldn’t, but this year I have made some. I’m seeing the beginning of this year as a fresh start and just a good time to start the things I’m always saying I want to do. 
-Step Out of my Fashion Comfort Zone  
I want to try and step out of my style ‘comfort zone’. Try some different outfits and not always reach for my jeans, this will be hard but I’m determined! And I can’t wait to share these outfits with you! 

-Read More


I’ve loved reading for a long time, haven’t read much recently though because it’s hard for me to find books. Today I started True Beauty by Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Whitacre. I’m only on chapter one but I really enjoyed it! It really helps you break down what you see true beauty as, and how God defines it. 


 And by work out I mean lift some weights and do some squats. Maybe one year it’ll be to go to a gym but this year it just isn’t going to happen  

-Listen to More Music 


Recently music has been my favorite thing. I’m planning of sharing some of my favorites in a post soon. But this year I want to listen to more, find new artist, and just find my kind of music. 



I’ve come to the realization that I really really want to journal! I want to write down all my thoughts, hopes, and prayers    for this coming year. I can’t wait to read back one day and see how my life was going. 
I hope these have made you think about the coming year and what you want to do or accomplish! 

Xx Happy New Year! 


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