A Christmas Wrap 

Merry Christmas Eve eve! Or just Christmas Eve, depending on when you read this post. 

It’s crunch time! Time to wrap up all your loved ones gifts and have them ready for Christmas! Plaid is one I reached for this year. Red screams Christmas, am I right?! I printed these tags I found on Pinterest, here. A simple print, cut, and punch a hole, then you’ve got a super cute tag! 



 Bows and cute little tags to show them all how much you mean to them by the details in the gift. Whether it’s a reminder of a fun time you’ve had together, or the pair of earrings they’ve been wanting. They’ll love it because it came from you! 

Giving my family & friends gifts is so much fun for me! And I really look forward to watching them open it up! 

The baking days are upon us!! Cookies, cinnamon rolls, candy, gingerbread houses! All the good for this great time of year! 
Have an amazing Christmas Eve with your friends & family!! 



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