Winter Must-Have Mists 

This past summer I shared my ‘Summer Scent‘ and so I decided to share my winter faves from Bath & Body Works! I always lean more towards a warm vanilla,  baked good scent. It’s always my go to for everyday. Vanilla Bean Noel is my all time favorite, it reminds me of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, and sugar cookies, which screams winter!! Twisted Peppermint is a recent find and it lasts so long!! I spray it on and hours later I’m still smelling a cool peppermint scent. Maybe it’s because I spray these mists in my hair like hairspray, either way they smell amazing!  

Bath & Body Works is having great deals right now! So go and buy some late Christmas presents, for yourself or a friend! 

Have a great Tuesday!! 

{Shop These Scents} 

Twisted Peppermint Mist / Twisted Peppermint Lotion | Vanilla Bean Noel Mist / VBN Ultra Shea Body Cream


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