Christmas Party Hair 

A lot of blog post are of holiday outfits or gift ideas. But I decided to do a post that is a little different but still will give you ideas and inspiration this Christmas season! 

I’m sure there are still Christmas events planned this week. Or you just want to try something new to your hair for that last minute Christmas shopping. Now whether it stays up through the running around trying to find the perfect gift, we will see. 

So here are some pictures to inspire you to do something different to your hair! 

Natural waves with half pulled back! Olsen twins do this style well!   
Big tousled waves are my go to, and look great with those sequin dresses for Christmas Eve! 

Why go with just dainty jewelry when you can also do dainty braids? Adds some detail to the half up. 

The messiness of these low buns are my favorite! 

Or go bold with a big braid! No one does braids better then Amber from Barefoot Blonde, but we can try 😉 

I hope your weekend was great! And your ready for this coming week! Look forward to some more post 🙂 



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