4 Fall Booties [shop]

You all know my love for booties is real. I kind of fall on love with every pair I see. I don’t buy every pair but I love them. 

I picked out four, each from a different store, to share with you all. 4 & 2 are a little high priced than 1 & 3. So there are options when it comes to price. 

1. Dark Brown Ankle Boots , this chocolatey brown color is gorgeous! 

2. I’m obsessed with these gray Sam Edelman Kandice fringe suede booties ! The gray is definitely my favorite because they are more subtle. 

3. Tan side fringe heeled booties has less fringe then the last pair, but really can you have to much fringe? 

4. Jeffery Campbell Rayburn buckle boots has really cool detailing. Also on sale, still pricey but you can say you got them on sale. 😉 

Hope you enjoy these ‘shop’ post, I have a lot of fun making these! Have a good day!! 🙂 

Xo, Casady 


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