Simple Staple Piece 


I’m starting to get out my fall clothes and shoes and put away summer clothes. Which makes me really excited because I really do like cleaning out my closet and re-organizing it, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet for this season. I try to do it every two season, winter-spring and summer-fall. Just to keep things organized and fresh for the start of the season. 


 I haven’t organized my clothes yet but I have gotten out all my boots and put away my sandles. While getting my boots out I remembered these suede black heeled boots! I love them so much! They are really comfy and can make an outfit. I got them at Target at the end of last winter for $18!! Yes, a steal! 

 My outfit usually reflects my moods, sometimes I just want a simple outfit and these boots will definitely be a simple staple this season! 

Now back to curling my hair! Hope you have a good day!! 

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