Neutral Patterns

Plaid is always in the stores when fall and winter are around the corner. So you could say plaid is a neutral because it really goes with tons of things. To me leopard is the same way! I love a simple outfit and adding a fun patterned shoe or bag. (I really need to get a new bag this season but I’m the worst at finding them). I found some cool pictures featuring plaid and leopard just to show the different ways of styling it this season. 



The classic flannel that really never goes out of style. 

I love these big scarf blanket, I definitely want some this coming winter. Bundle up right?!  

A big leopard coat! 😍  


Leopard print clutch you are on my wish list

I’m an honest big fan of leopard shoes! Add that extra pop to an outfit by throwing on a pair! 
why not mix them? Have fun with fashion!
I hope you have a great Monday! 🙂 


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