Switch Up Your Sweaters [Shop]

Recently I did a ‘Shop‘ post on some jeans I had found and loved! I decided to do another post along the same lines. Because it’s basically just shopping and picking my favorites then telling you all about it! I found 4 sweaters I really like.  Each are different shapes which to me are hard to find in a sweater. So I always get kind of excited when I find an unique sweater to switch things up a bit. All of these would be great for throwing on real quick with some fun jeans and a cool pair of shoes. 

1. Super colorful pullover sweater from AE

2. Red wine cowl neck sweater from Nordstroms for only $22!

3. Simple sweater shirt from H&M paired with jeans and a pair of booties would look great for a fall night. 

4. I love this babydoll sweater, great for layering! It’s on sale at AE
Have a great weekend! 🙂 


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